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05.22.2023 COMING SOON!
05.14.2023 Not a Perfect Mother?
04.05.2023 2023 Winter Circuit Success by My Equestrian Rockstars!
02.13.2023 My Equestrian Rockstar Wins the Car!
02.12.2023 My Equestrian Rockstar Wins the Car!
01.16.2023 Before and After Transformation!
12.26.2022 Tactical Retreats, Mission Creeps, and New Year's Resolutions
11.08.2022 How Did She Do It?
10.12.2022 Desperate to Win or Determined to Win?
10.03.2022 "Mission Will Require Two Consecutive Miracles!”
08.29.2022 Basic Fighter Manuevers
08.01.2022 Recent Rider Results and Celebrations!
07.12.2022 "I'm Good. I'm Very Good" Top Gun Maverick
07.04.2022 Independence Day; Freedom From Being Unseated Emotionally
06.27.2022 Nico Gamboa, Sarah Wayda, Christi Israel & Olivia Combs
06.20.2022 Top Gun and Runways
06.07.2022 Check Out Her Transformation!
05.30.2022 From Rockstar to Losing It All; How a Marine Found His Lost Inner Warrior
05.16.2022 Toxic Ego and Leadership
04.26.2022 Don't Miss Events & Top 1% of Performers
04.04.2022 The Breakthroughs in Riding
03.28.2022 This Equestrian Rockstar is All Over Social Media!
03.21.2022 Making the Right or Wrong Decision
03.09.2022 Weekly News Update at Elite Lifestyle Transformations
02.28.2022 In a Rabbit Hole or Foxhole?
02.21.2022 Guess What Grand Prix Rider is Doing My Book Signing?
02.14.2022 Inspiration For Anyone Working Hard and Still Not Winning
02.14.2022 My Inspiring Newsletter May Have Landed in Spam
02.14.2022 A Powerful Story for Anyone That Wants to Win
02.01.2022 The Power of Beliefs and Sequence
01.24.2022 My "Equestrian Rockstars" Book Reviews
01.10.2022 Not Good Enough and Perfectionism
01.01.2022 Why Good Intentions Fail
12.29.2021 Health Coaching for 2022
12.27.2021 Who Do You Want to Become in 2022?
12.22.2021 Now Available in Paperback!
12.06.2021 How to Stop Being Triggered
11.29.2021 Slaying The "I Don't Want To" Dragon
10.18.2021 How Can I Turn This Around?
10.11.2021 Dodging a Bullet
10.04.2021 Why Put Up With This Sh*t Show?
09.27.2021 How to Comeback to the Competitive Edge
09.20.2021 You Are Not Alone on This Ride
09.09.2021 Feeling Out of Control With Life and Feelings?
08.30.2021 Turning Around the Impact of the Rider's Parents and Trainers
08.16.2021 Fear? How About Some Good News?
08.03.2021 Your Anxiety and Depression Isn't Yours
07.19.2021 Triggered By Your Trainer Going Rogue on You?
07.05.2021 Emotional Independence Day!
06.28.2021 Solution for Your Whole Team (or Family) to Perform Like Rockstars
06.14.2021 Why Do We Stop Ourselves From Success and Happiness?
06.08.2021 How to Get to the Magic
05.31.2021 Difference Between Therapy and Coaching
05.03.2021 Rules of Engagement - Are They Working for or Against You?
04.19.2021 The Moment That Shifted Everything for Me
04.13.2021 Redirecting Your Powerful Badass
04.05.2021 What Does Chocolate Eggs Have to do With Becoming an Olympian?
03.29.2021 Are They Strong Enough And Prepared For Life's Storms?
03.15.2021 The How To Book for Turning Around Your Riding
03.08.2021 Second Guessing Your Decisions Down the Line or In the Ring?
02.22.2021 Horse Network Article on Me; From Pandemic to Possibility
02.16.2021 How to Feel Like a Million Bucks This Year!
02.08.2021 Where is My Confidence?
01.18.2021 Mental Strategy Meets Horse Sport: Nancy Harnesses Psychology for Peak Performance
01.04.2021 Client Success from Covid Depression, Debt, Marital Problems, and Fear of Riding!
04.06.2020 On the Cover of Plaid Horse Magazine!
01.13.2020 Winter Circuit Results Coaching Package
07.27.2019 This One Things Will Make You Happier & Less Stressed
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07.12.2019 Excerpt From My New Book
07.07.2019 My New Book: Equestrian Rockstars
07.02.2019 Breaking
05.12.2019 How to Feel Happy on Mother's Day
03.16.2019 Excerpt: Preventing Emotional Triggers
01.21.2019 Still Holding On?
12.30.2018 How to Solve Problems With Riding (Excerpt From My Book)
12.28.2018 How to Get Pumped Up for the New Year!
12.22.2018 "Win" a Million Bucks for Christmas!
11.15.2018 Coaching Audio for You
10.29.2018 Are You Unflappable?
10.08.2018 How Did This Rider Just Win This Award Yesterday?
09.10.2018 Embrace, Reframe, and Recycle Your "Worst" Characteristics!
09.03.2018 Excuses and Choices
08.27.2018 What if Your Worst Day Was Actually Your BEST Day?
08.13.2018 Inspiration For Stepping Up!
08.05.2018 What's The REAL Reason UNDERNEATH Missing The Rail?
07.23.2018 Coaching Notes From the Field!
07.02.2018 Belief in Yourself
06.30.2018 Welcome to Your New Story!
06.18.2018 Show Ring Attitude!
06.14.2018 Taking a Joke!
05.25.2018 Feeling Imprisioned by Your Bad Habits?
04.22.2018 What Can Prince Teach Us About Riding?
03.09.2018 No Ribbons, No Trophies. No Mentions.
02.18.2018 Here's your morning pattern interrupt!
02.14.2018 Experience More Love & Improve All Your Relationships
01.30.2018 Soaring Above the Competition
12.30.2017 Powerful Video on New Year's Resolutions
12.11.2017 Freedom From Your Old Story
11.27.2017 Buy Lifetime Confidence & Peak Performance on Cyber Monday!
11.13.2017 Overcoming Fear with Riding Horses
10.29.2017 The Perfect Mask for Halloween
10.09.2017 Frustrated with Your Riding?
09.18.2017 How do You Become Your Own Hero?
09.05.2017 Cancellation of Coaching Calls
09.04.2017 How do we Overcome Any Adversity in our Lives?
08.21.2017 Fun and Inspirational Audio Note for You!
08.07.2017 How's Your Inner World? (Hint: Watch Your Horse!)
07.10.2017 Inspirational Notes From the Field!
07.04.2017 Are You Handing Your Power Over on a Silver Platter?
07.04.2017 Indenpendence Day From Your Old Life!
06.05.2017 Who are You Going to Blame?
05.22.2017 Success is Lying to Yourself!
05.01.2017 Riders, Trainers or Show Moms; What is Causing the Lack of Peak Performance?
05.01.2017 Riders, Trainers or Showm Moms; What is Causing the Lack of Peak Performance?
03.08.2017 Wow! Results Testimonial From My Clients!
03.08.2017 Wow! Results Testimonial From My Clients!