Review for Nancy Dye, Breakthrough Mental Skills Coach

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"My Journey With You Has Been Incredible. Thank You Nancy Dye!"  Cory McLaughlin, AO Rider, Wellington, FL

"Walk through fire and be comfortable with uncertainty. Who knows how this current event could work for you in the most positive way possible. I know I'm looking towards the future with bright eyes, a ready heart, and mind. NancyDyeMindset, your words ring in my ears daily." 

Before coaching, list 2-3 of the greatest challenges in your life at that time (what types of things kept you awake at night and were pressing problems that needed to be solved in your life)?


The number one biggest thing for me was dealing with the uncertain, self doubt, and being too focused on trying to please others too much.


How were the above problems impacting your life?


A) When I would deal with my uncertainty about my riding I would have trouble focusing on anything else and let my nerves get the better of me and have a lot of self doubt with no confidence that I would be able to do what I set out to do.

B) I would self sabotage or self doubt that my trainer really didn't like to train me or didn't like me in general. I would really let that effect me in the show ring or in the practice ring that would ruin a ride for me because I would be too set on trying to make every little step "perfect" according to my trainer just to stay , what I absurdly thought, in his good graces so that he would continue to train me and not leave me for dead. Which also wraps into ...

C) While I was trying to impress my trainer I was also trying so hard to make sure I was putting down the best rounds so that I looked like I knew what I was doing going into a new "horse import and sales" business.


What finally had you say “enough is enough” that inspired you to work with a coach?


I had a weekend where I think I basically bombed every course on both of my horses and then in previous weekends I was starting to have show nerves. This never use to be a norm for me. I was super confident in my riding some time back and a long my long journey of riding, I somehow lost that. When I knew there was something more I could do. I took the time for MYSELF and got help where I knew I needed with a little brain refreshing/cleansing. Now that the cobwebs have been swept and I have my daily routines I've finally got that confidence back.


What was one of your favorite aspects of coaching?


My favorite aspect of this experience/journey is the connection I have been able to gain with my coach. I have been able to talk about things with my coach that have been tripping me up for a long time that I haven't been able to fully express to really anyone else in the detail I needed to get things figured out. I enjoy that my coach can call me out on my bull and really tell me how it is. That is so refreshing and is one of my favorite parts of this, because I feel this is what a lot of people lack anymore, which is the ability to just state fact for fact.

I also enjoy the overall relationship I have gained with my coach. I know I can go to her and really talk about the things I need and that she will be there to tell me to get my head out of you know where.


Since coaching, what are some of the tangible results you’ve experienced in your life? 


I have gained my unshaken confidence back! How much better can that get?! I have been able to really get in the ring and show that I know my stuff and that I can ride like the wind. I have lost the fear of disappointment to trainers, friends, family. Which all in all was one of the bigger road blocks. If you think you're going to disappoint all the time, well, chances are you probably will with that mindset.

I am overall happier to be doing my job by really making it all for me and my horses and not worrying if things are going to fall apart when it comes time to show.