Weight Loss: Emotional Strength, Biochemical Solutions and Powerful Strategies



As a strategic interventionist, I shift people deep down inside to live in a different space emotionally and then teach them powerful strategies for how to get rid of their old patterns and to develop and maintain healthier rituals.

First Shift, Then Retrain Your Brain:

This is all about changing your beliefs, your neurological responses, your dis-empowering patterns and the default, sabotaging rituals.

This is about getting out of pain and receiving the exhilarating gift of control over your body and mind.

And this is all a choice. You can decide to not be locked up where you are. It’s your rituals that control you. And that is controlled by your emotions.

It is not as hard as you may think. We build emotional strength and new rituals step by step. Depending on where you are in your stage of “readiness” to change, it can move much quicker.

Weight Loss Case Study:

I helped to shift a young woman in four sessions. Well, actually five sessions because she reached out to me again when her friends started sabotaging her efforts after she had lost 100 lbs. (Please note, this is not a typical scenario, but to her credit, she was already fed up and totally ready to change!)

Most of the time I coach by phone, but for people that are here locally, and especially for equestrians that are competing here locally, I can also add in-person sessions. 

This young woman was not an equestrian, however, she is a dramatic example of overcoming similar issues. When I met with the young woman featured below, she was 300 lbs. and unable to walk well due to her ankle. She had absolutely zero confidence or faith in herself that she could progress further than her maximum weight loss of 2 lbs. per each diet that she tried.

She was a stay at home mom in her late twenties, challenged by being the sole caretaker for two kids and a young husband with Parkinson's.

She was pre-diabetic in addition to other serious medical issues. She had actually never been to a gym to workout, so I was able to get her to put on the tight workout clothes, and I ran her through a weight training routine.

Sidebar; I was incredibly blessed to have John Defendis, former Mr. USA bodybuilder, who is also inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame, as my first trainer over 30 years ago.

So when it comes to strength training workouts, and a weight loss meal plan that works, I have found that Ultrafit, John Defendis works well for most people!

That being said, there are many food plans out there that I use for clients and sometimes I end up combining a little of all, depending on the goals. Everyone is different.

Some are on diets prescribed by their doctors, some are vegans, some are diabetic, some have food allergies and some of my athletes just need more flexibility and core strength or available energy, so customizing is the key. If you're a traveling athlete, the game changes completely.

At the last check-in several months ago, this determined woman was down to under 185. This whole process included her lifesaving obesity sleeve surgery, which is extremely restrictive with foods for a while after surgery.

An emotional slip-up would have been very dangerous for her. 

And yet, the rest of her family members continued cooking and eating the very foods that she loved and could not eat. We're talking massive, rock star emotional strength, focus, and commitment!

She is still working out with a certified trainer in the gym about 3 days a week, goes to the gym most days and her diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure issues are gone.

She enjoys participating in 5K runs and charity walks. Her goal now is to do a marathon. She is over the two-year mark since we first got together, and she continues to be totally committed to her fabulous new mindset, identity, and lifestyle.

This was a major foundation shift, combined with powerful mindset strategies that were rapid and lasting! She is totally "into" her new identity of being a fitness athlete and a role model to others. 

For relaxation programs, check out this Yoga for Equestrians video. 

The major key is learning how to handle your emotions or to better deal with whatever else is going on in your life, so you don’t use food as an escape or crutch.

There are a ton of tricks I can teach everyone for all of these challenges such as food cravings, bad habits, and the emotional component, but the gift of insightful self-knowledge and being given the RIGHT state-of-the-art powerful strategies for the right person, is the ultimate transformation!

And for this girl that I mentioned above? There were four things that she felt really made an impact on turning it all around. First, we worked on her core beliefs about herself; getting rid of the old beliefs and getting her to believe the opposite; that actually she WAS strong enough to overcome this challenge.

And then we worked on her identity. I had her choose a new identity and then we transitioned from the old identity to the new. And of course the mind game tricks. Her personal favorite was walking her through the mindset of an overeater versus the mindset of an anorexic.

And a fourth key element for her was learning strategies to block her friends sabotaging her new thoughts and behaviors and trying to pull her back into her old identity and her old story.

I am a gifted, insightful person who loves solving the pieces of the puzzle and then watching a new story unfold and a transformation completed. Between what I went through in my own life, and all the diverse people I have worked with over the decades, there's not a lot you can throw at me that I haven't dealt with many times before.

But while the challenges may be the same, everyone's story is unique, so that is where my insightful, brilliant match matching comes in.


This is a powerful, personalized program of learning who you are and what strategies will work best for you to reach all your goals for a transformation of your lifestyle. 

Here are just some of the things we start with:

  • Where is your current emotional "home?" (inside) Is it anger, depression, fear, anxiety or addictions?

  • What dis-empowering, self-sabotaging patterns are you running?

  • And why; in order words, what’s your “story" that is keeping you stuck?

  • Your story contains lots of valuable keys such as what you believe about yourself (perhaps unconsciously), what you value and what you fear. (All or some of which may be unconscious.)

  • Where are you operating with regards to filling your 6 basic human needs and how can we better prioritize and meet those needs in a healthier way?

  • Have you REALLY discovered your own personal leverage that motivates yourself into taking consistent action?

  • What is your “why” for wanting to lose weight and what is your biggest fear about what happens if you do lose all that weight?

  • What are the secondary gains you are receiving from staying stuck in your current, dis-empowering habits?

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