My Transformation

I Was Born into the Witness Protection Program.

Sort of. I was born June Perry, and I was immediately adopted. So yes, the government sealed my records, gave me a new name and a new birth certificate, sent me to a new city, and gave me a new family. They had a different story in mind for me.

What a Script! I Got it All!

Did I hit the jackpot! My adopted parents were Ivy League educated and provided me with an absolutely magical, storybook childhood.

It was a very privileged life growing up on the north shore of Long Island, NY that included private schools, riding horses at the top equestrian centers out on Long Island, traveling internationally, and summers up at our family’s huge sleep away summer sports camp on a lake in Vermont ... complete with horses and a riding program. 

In my teens, I lived at one of the oldest and most prestigious equestrian boarding schools in MD. I grew up loving sports, the outdoors, and especially jumping horses. (Oh, and Jeep Wranglers and Jaguar sports cars!) 

Age Seventeen: “I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight … Hold on!” 

The headmaster of my boarding school took me out of my senior year morning class and escorted me on a plane to our family’s winter home in Florida. He refused to tell me why. It was a long trip.

When I arrived, my parents informed me that my (very first) boyfriend had shot himself in the head and was dead. Imagine an IED exploding in your brain. Every day. 

My life made a dramatic U-turn off of a cliff.

Drowning in an endless list of addictions and self-destructive behavior, fueled also by the fact that I was a victim of incest growing up with an alcoholic father and a cold, distant mother who knew what was going on (and didn’t stop it), it would take decades and a lot of hard work to learn how to turn my life around.

(What? You mean money can’t protect you from life or guarantee you happiness?) I “had it all,” and I didn’t want to live. 

I Couldn’t Stop Eating. And Then I Couldn’t Eat.

My spiraling-out-of-control lifestyle made me physically sick with allergies, depression and weight gain. Between emotional eating and a massive sugar and carbohydrate addiction, I felt totally out of control.

I was finally diagnosed with hypoglycemia in my mid-twenties, a low blood sugar disorder that makes it dangerous for me to have sugar (or anything that quickly turned into sugar, such as alcohol), and I soon had to admit that I couldn’t stop either one! 

After trying every diet out there, all of which eventually failed, in desperation to gain back control, I slowly slipped into anorexia. But these were not the only addictions I was battling; I also couldn’t stop chain smoking, or running away from myself with over exercising, partying, shopping and dysfunctional relationships.

Eventually, I was also diagnosed with extreme food allergies which not only created all my cravings but also prevented my system from absorbing all the vitamins from the foods that I ate.

Even This Didn’t Scare Me Into Recovery!

I was in college. I had acute bronchitis, but I was on a roll with non-stop partying and just couldn’t find the time to go to a doctor to get medicine. One night, I was drinking a little and doing some drugs, but nothing too dangerous or too much … (or so I thought), and after returning to my dorm, I woke up in the middle of the night and realized I couldn’t move either my arms or my legs.

I tried to call out to my roommate only to find out, with horror, that I couldn’t even move my mouth or make any noise at all. In a panic, I suddenly realized that with the few pills I had taken, added to the alcohol and the serious case of bronchitis, I was totally paralyzed and unable to get help.

As I lay there imprisoned on the bed, feeling like I was suffocating as I struggled for every tiny, shallow breath, I dreadfully concluded that I had made a massive, horrific mistake. I had overdosed and was going to die. It was the longest night of my life.

I remember this like it was yesterday; the moment I accepted and surrendered to this fate. All that was left to do was to pray. Ten hours later, I was so relieved when I realized I had made it through to dawn and I was fine. (But was I, really?)

I Became a Double Agent … for Mission Impossible! 

That scary event ignited a spark inside of me, albeit a very dim and weak one, and I realized I didn’t want to die. But that fact was at odds with another part of me that disagreed. I was on a mission called self-destruction, while at the same time I was also on another mission called survival. Dueling missions impossible!

I had no idea which one would be accomplished in the end. I didn’t have a clue how to get over all that pain and all those challenges, and despite being stuck and spinning around and going nowhere, I just kept showing up and fighting. But I was still losing the battle. The anorexia had me trapped. Eventually,
 I surrendered again and checked myself into a treatment center.

Send in the Special Forces! 

God put the perfect people in my life at just the right moments. Teachers, support groups, therapists, coaches, spiritual leaders, the top fitness trainers, a semi-effective treatment center and a famous doctor all provided a missing piece of the success puzzle.

I exhausted traditional programs as well as the emerging alternative holistic methods. It was a long and very expensive education that included my own research with my “all in” obsessive thirst for answers.

They all worked their magic, but only because I took consistent massive action and absolutely refused to quit! Failure was NOT an option; a tough, military mindset I learned from having been raised by a former Marine who fought the Japanese on the islands during WWII. (Thank God I learned how to leverage my stubbornness.) 

But wait a minute … similar tools had been given to others who were on the same path, and they didn’t make it, but I was one of few who went beyond survival … how did I beat those overwhelming odds? I went on a quest to find out that answer. 

New Identity: I Transitioned into the Interviewer! 

I created and hosted a radio show, “Triumphs of the Human Spirit,” where I interviewed people who had overcome unbelievable challenges in their lives. You know, the horror stories that make you cry out, “Oh my God! I could NEVER have gotten through that!” 

I also interviewed inspirational public figures such as Marianne Williamson
, and well-known officers in our military. (See my elite warrior page.) And then there were just everyday people who, for example, had become paralyzed from the neck down. 

After all those interviews, I came to realize that we all have the strength inside us to overcome unbelievable adversity. We all have the ability to rewrite our stories with the endings of our dreams. 

The Solution!

The problem is, some of us just don’t believe it. Or we don’t have the right tools and strategies. Or we don’t have the right support. Or we had all that, but we still found other excuses and stayed stuck anyway … until we lost hope and gave up. I know. I had many of those years trapped as a POW! (Prisoner of Will and a Prisoner of “Woe-is-me.”)

But then I found my keys. I learned how to shift myself deep down in my core. I discovered how to find and use my own unique leverage to get unstuck and to take action … in the RIGHT direction this time!

It all turned around when I became fed up with the pain and made the decision and took a leap of faith. And then I found and applied my leverage to all the insights and tools that I had learned!

And I didn't stop there. Over the decades of helping others to improve the quality of their lives, I kept researching until I found the best strategies for helping others to do the same process that I had done ... only faster! The coaching program that taught the most effective, cutting-edge strategies for rapid and lasting change was the Tony Robbins' official school for coaching. Magic happened immediately for my clients.

Combining my own life journey and lessons learned, along with my rare gift of intuition and ability to piece together each person's unique puzzle, and then adding his coaching techniques is incredibly powerful! Rapid and lasting changes happened for my clients. A total quality of lifestyle transformation.

It has been my ultimate passion to help others to overcome and to be the best that they can be. After thirty years of helping others, I've seen it all. There's not a lot anyone can throw at me that I haven't experienced myself or coached others to get through. Major deep down core shifts often happen immediately and then we retrain the brain to produce a total lifestyle transformation.

Solving Your Puzzle of Why You're Stuck & How to Move Forward ! 

How does this experience translate to equestrian athletes and helping riders to perform at their best? When athletes come to me with dreams of performing at a high level or to overcome fear, anxiety, frustration or feeling stuck, I am able to solve the puzzle and to discover where that is coming from deep down inside. And then I show them how to shift that.

And what works for one rider does not necessarily work for another.

Some of our emotional patterns are subconscious; we don't even realize the words that we are saying to ourselves all day long based upon limiting beliefs that we never realized that we had. Or we don't see that we are operating our lives, and making "gut instinct" decisions, based upon rules that we have adopted to fit our values that are upside down.

When you are jumping horses, you want to make sure that your gut instincts are based upon confidence and empowerment, not hesitation, indecisiveness, and fear.

While I coach elite clients from all walks of life, most of my clients are equestrians from a wide variety of disciplines and located all over the world. My coaching is on the phone. For equestrians competing here locally, I am also available to them on site in Wellington and throughout South Florida.

In addition, I am available to travel to provide clinics for equestrian teams and training for corporations, schools with equestrian programs, and other organizations. For The Most Cutting Edge techniques that provide rapid and lasting results, contact me at 1-561-866-0402 to set up a free coaching call or you may schedule a free coaching session online here.

Success in any sport, business, and even relationships ... it's all about your mindset.


"It is in Your Moments of Decision, That Your Destiny is Shaped."  Tony Robbins

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