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Want better mental skills and performance for yourself and your team?  Want to get rid of drama at your barn or increase your income by attracting more high performing clients and training them to be their absolulte best? 

Become an Equestrian Rockstar Trainer.  

Above photo of Sarah Wayda.

Who are the top Peak Performers so far this year?

Top 1% of My Peak Performers This Year

Trainer of the Month: Sarah Wayda of Hunter Farms in NJ and Wellington, FL

Photo Credit: Julie Hogan

"Mental skills coaching with Nancy has been amazing and transformational! When I think of the time and money spent on keeping my horses sound, fit, and working at their very best,
it only makes sense to put that same time, work, and motivation into the very mental part of our sport."

"I also highly recommend Nancy's book, Equestrian Rockstars! The combination of stories and experiences in the book, hers and and other rider's, really pulls all the coaching together. I am now on my second read and still learning even more. I tell all my students, 'Order it, read it, put it in your ring bag and talk to me when you have questions.' Nancy's book is a great tool for riders, trainers, and parents.

Below: Equestrian Rockstar Trainer, Christi Israel, is my book's cover rider model, and her incredible story about coaching with me is featured in the book.


 The  Trainer's Program: 

1. One-on-one phone coaching for peak performance in your riding, and your personal and professional life, to include peak performance in sales and better communication/leadership skills with your riders, parents, and staff. Learn how to figure the puzzles for each of your client and how to help them become better riders.

2. Option of team coaching so all your students are on the same page with the same standards, language, strategies, and mindset skills. With permission from individual students, this may include one-on-one coaching with the trainer to discuss specific training issues with their students. Weekly or bi-monthly group coaching calls for their team. 

3. Sign-up your barn and all your students will receive a discount on their private, one-on-one coaching. 

4. More about my coaching program for riders/trainers.



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Click here: My article "How to Believe You Can Be an Olympic Equestrian." Published in Arab Horse Couture Magazine. 

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