Equestrian Rockstar: Ultimate Mental Skills


"We don't get our goals; we get our identities!" Tony Robins.


Want to get a taste for what it's all about?

This is my least inexpensive coaching program to learn my process for turning around your riding. 

In response to the tremendous demand by experienced riders and trainers on a limited budget who want a condensed, "do it yourself" study program to fit in on their own hectic time while traveling and showing, this book is included in my new, basic strategic intervention and mental skills course.


My new combo online course and limited phone coaching program will teach the basics on how to jump over mental obstacles and to transform their riding and their life by becoming empowered through emotional strength, resiliency, and identity transformation.

This basic program is the process that I developed that has revolutionized the equestrian industry by using strategic interventions and identity transformation to help riders to figure out their own puzzle for what's holding them back and tripping them up.

This package includes over 15+ hours of multi-media studying "at your own pace" along with 6 powerful one-on-one phone coaching sessions with me where we will begin the process of solving the puzzle of what's tripping you up while providing the materials for you to lean the basic solutions for jumping over those issues and transforming your riding and your life! 

Riders and trainers that purchase this basic program will receive a 10% discount on my advanced, one-on-one powerful phone coaching program for becoming "Unflappable" in both their riding and their lives!

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