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World Class, Olympic Athletes: It's All About the Mindset!

I am married to a former Olympian gymnast who is also inducted into four athletic Hall of Fames. My husband, Jack Miles, has coached thousands of children and adults to include Ron Galimore, the first African-American to make the USA Olympic Gymnastics Team and the first to score a perfect 10.

He became a USA National Champion and was inducted into the Gymnastics Hall of Fame. Ron Galimore is presently the Director of Pacific Rim Alliance Gymnastics Foundation and an executive in the USA Gymnastics Federation.

Jack also coached the first girl to score a perfect 10 in a USA National Championship and well as having had the privilege to coach the first man with cerebral palsy to win a gold medal in a non-handicapped competition while attending Florida State University.

What is it like to live with a world-class athlete and coach? Higher standards, daily goals, daily practicing, success rituals, a willingness to risk injury and defeat, a deep, competitive desire to win, and maintaining a relentless attitude of no excuses; failure is not an option. It's a mindset.

Together, Jack and I produced a mental fitness workshop entitled "Olympic Goals and Golds."  Jack's story about how to regain confidence.

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Hall of Fame Fitness Trainer

I was very blessed to have, as my first fitness trainer, John Defendis. John is inducted into the Hall of Fame for Fitness trainers and was also Mr. USA in bodybuilding. 

I trained with him right at the height of all those competitions and accomplishments. I started training with John soon after I was diagnosed with being hypoglycemia; a low blood sugar condition causing non-stop hunger and an addiction to sugar. This caused me to be overweight and to feel lousy. While there is not a cure for this condition, I had to learn to eat a precise combination of foods every three hours and how to refrain from eating sugar or high glycemic foods.

I learned a lot from John, not only about strength conditioning and fitness, but about the "no excuses" discipline, the relentless focus, and the consistent work ethic needed to totally transform your body. He also gave me a world-class education about nutrition and proved the fact that food is not the problem. Food is the answer. (John Defendis)

Equestrian and Golf and Country Club Lifestyle. 

My ex-husband is a golf course designer and builder from one of the top golf course architect families in the world; building world-class resorts and golf communities, including the Palm Beach Polo Club (Palm Beach Polo Club) in Wellington, Florida, where we had our home. I stabled my horses at their equestrian center and trained out of there. (Palm Beach International Equestrian Center)

I have been riding horses since I was about four. My parents had a large, overnight girl's sports camp in Vermont. During the winters, we lived on Long Island and I rode at the various, well-known riding academies. For high school, I went to an equestrian boarding school in Maryland. After college and working in Manhattan, I moved to South Florida and eventually Wellington where I trained and competed. Here's the whole fun story from my blog.

This background eventually led me to my upscale real estate career here in Florida as I worked with buyers from all over the world to move them forward into their sporting lifestyles.

Beenadeewin Camp; Top New England Overnight Sports Camp

I was born into a large, overnight sports camp located on a stunning lake, surrounded by the green mountains of beautiful Vermont. This camp had a unique heritage as it was originally one of the many Keewaydin Camps located throughout New England ( until my grandparents bought it and built it into one of the most successful girl's sports camps in the country. 

My parents were the co-directors and eventually the owners after my grandparents retired. Several generations of families sent their girls to our camp. At Beenadadeewin Camp, we had stables with horses, a riding program that included equitation, jumping, and rides around the lake (and into the lake), and up into the mountains.

We also had two separate waterfront swimming areas, sailboats, canoes, three clay tennis courts, water-skiing, hiking, archery, riflery, volleyball, overnight camping trips, and arts and crafts. 

This was where I learned how to teach riding along with all the amazing, important life skills that sports teach us. I was very lucky to learn at a very young age how to step outside my comfort zone, try a new sport, and to set and achieve higher personal goals. I learned that risking failure was a necessary process of learning how to perfect my skills.

I learned how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is a critical shift for success. I used those mindset skills to make it through some of the toughest times in my life. 

Family Sports:

My grandfather, who started our camp (and several others) was the Captain of his college's football team (Allegheny College) and my father, who went to Dartmouth College (Dartmouth College), taught football, track, and various other sports at a private school on Long Island, NY (Buckley Country Day School). They were both educators. My grandfather was the Principal of a high school and my father taught math and science in New York and also at a private school in Gulfstream, Florida. 

My father was also a Marine who fought the Japanese on the islands during WWII. What is it like growing up with a tough Marine who actually survived those horrific battles? OK, so now you know where I got my toughness, discipline, and my warrior ethos. This is where I learned to adopt and teach a mindset of extreme ownership.

To be a competitor, you have to fight to win. It is a warrior mindset that includes the philosophy of Extreme Ownership. It's how I run my coaching bootcamp! No excuses!

My personal mission statement is extreme ownership; the only way out is through and failure is not an option.

Additional Sports Psychology Training and Peak Performance Coaching Highlights:

IMG: (International Management Group); IMG is another global leader for sports training, mental conditioning, athletic talent management, and the production of sporting events. I participated in their weekly one-on-one sports Mental Conditioning Coaching program which was basic sports psychology.

They worked on 
all the usual areas of sports psychology; focus, goal setting, rituals, journaling, biofeedback, breathing, slowing down your heart rate, visualizations, performance under pressure, resiliency after defeats (learning how to fail), and maintaining confidence etc.

I use all those world-class sports mental conditioning techniques with my own equestrian clients, plus I combine them with the experience of completely transforming my own life along with the powerful coaching strategies from RMT. 

Nancy Dye: Coaching, Radio Show, Health & Wellness, and World Class Sales Training:

  • Graduate, Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, the official coach training school for Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes; specializing in the psychology of affecting rapid and lasting human change. Certificate in Strategic Intervention. (Tony Robbins)

  • Coached by some of the top equestrian trainers in hunter/jumper discipline as well as having trained in dressage at The Yorkshire Riding Centre  (Christopher and Jane Bartel-Wilson) in the UK. Went to the girl's prep school, (Oldfields School) in Maryland, for their exceptional equestrian program.

  • Created and hosted radio talk show, “Triumphs of the Human Spirit,” interviewing people who had overcome unbelievable adversities, including public figures and well-known military officers. Wrote and published interview stories in “Changes” magazine. Interviews also included people who had terrible injuries such as becoming paralyzed and wheelchair bound.

  • ECaP; worked at the renowned cancer surgeon Dr. Bernie Siegel’s program for healing cancer. Internationally recognized as the pioneer for the mind-body-faith connection for improving the immune system, Dr. Siegel was of the first to teach replacing the victim mindset with patient empowerment. Dr. Siegel wrote the international bestseller (Love, Medicine, and Miracles). This was where I learned about the power of the mindset, nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and meditation for healing ourselves.

  • Canyon Ranch; trained in their highly successful, mind/body wellness programs, to include their world famous smoking cessation program which I use with my clients. (Canyon Ranch Health Resort)

  • Decades of coaching specializing in triumphing over disempowering patterns of behavior, adversity, transitioning through life stages and creating healthy lifestyles physically and emotionally. Resiliency trainer, strategic interventionist, addiction prevention and recovery consultant and sober coach.

  • Professionally coached by the peak performance coaching firm, the Mike Ferry Organization (Mike Ferry). One-on-one weekly phone coaching; top sales productivity trainers for lead generation and conversion, goal setting, phone prospecting and consulting, quality follow-up, referral networking, persuasive one-on-one and group sales presentations, overcoming objections, and effective closing skills.

  • World class training by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Company; mastering the art of influence. I am a Certified Negotiation Specialist.


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