Sober Coach



Nancy Dye, Strategic Interventionist

Substance "enhancers" has always been more prevalent in our sport than in others.

Drinking, drugs (includes anxiety meds), and eating disoders. Even compulsions for shopping.

Thinking about pivoting and taking back control of your life? Ready to start with first steps ... 

Or to continue and step up on your current recovery path?

Why let ANYTHING hold you back from peak performance in all areas of your life? 

Whether you are a rider or not, this is the quickest and most confidential approach;

Daily customized coaching and program education with the latest in the neuroscience of behavioral change. 

Includes strategic interventions,  24/7 support, and counseling in nutrition and fitness. 

Over 35 years of coaching; helping others to completely transform their lives. 

Afraid you won't be able to quit, or if you do, you will never be happy again?

That's what I feared.

It's called a limiting belief. 

Or better known as ... as lie!

A lie your addiction or bad habit would love for you to hold on to.

But miracles DO happen.

This is a photo of me all those years ago ... 

Happy, joyous and free! 

But who's counting the years? 

Not me! Don't even miss it.